Live Fællestival 2016


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Recorded 21. July 2016 at Fællestival


released August 12, 2016

Mix and master by Gross Audio
Cover photo by Hans Jørgensen -

Vocals and guitar: Astrid Engholm
Bass and backing: Cæcilie Emborg
Guitar: Jakob Grosen
Drums: Mads Markvard Holscher



all rights reserved


REVULVA Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: Long Hair Don't Care
I want to uncover the truth

I want power in it's cleanest form
I wanna grow my hair real long
And be a pretty girl still

Is it ugly, is it gross and obscene
Well good job girl that’s what I wanna see
If he don’t want it when it's covered up
Then he can shave himself down and he can suck his own cock

We won't be chained by fashion, NO
We wont be defined, NO
We’re only ruled by passion, OH
The great long hair don’t care

I'm not yours to enjoy and destroy
I wear my pink hair proud and it's my choice
I got curves, I got thoughts in my mind
And what'd you know babe
I am a pretty girl still


Long hair don’t care!
Track Name: Consent
Easy guide to what you can assume
If I'm asleep then I don’t wanna fuck you!
Easy ways of how to know what I want
If I'm out drunk then I'm not having fun

If I can't say no it's still rape
If I can't say no it's still rape
No means no is not the test
If I'm out cold then it doesn’t mean yes!

It's not sex unless I’ve said yes
If I'm asleep then I don’t wanna fuck you!
Not saying no is not consent
And if you’re not sure then that means no too!


I don’t see what's so confusing
Don’t be creepy or abusive
Don’t tell women what to do
Tell the men to get a clue
Don’t tell me how to avoid it
Acting like I could avoid it
Teach the boys how to behave
Teach the boys not to rape!

Track Name: Fuck Off Dude
I see you looking at me while I'm sitting at the bar
I know you think I'm a freak
You grab your drink and you creep towards my side
And you ask if I'm a dike

Yeah I play in a band, I'm really good at playing darts
University breed, I'm really fucking smart
Volunteer at a school to give the kids advise
You wanna know if I'm a dike?

So what if I am, don’t give a damn
If you can't handle when I'm not what you demand
Shaved legs, long hair and a girly style
That’s not me and I know you think I look vile

But I don’t wanna have sex with you
I don’t wanna have sex with you
I don’t wanna have sex with you
So fuck off dude

I see you looking at me as I'm walking down the street
You're with a group of friends
Don’t know why but it seems to be a big deal
You just gotta let me know how you feel

But I'm not here to look good for you
And I don’t need you to approve
Cause I don't wanna be loved by you
So shut up dude

I don’t wanna have sex with you
So fuck off dude
Track Name: Bored Stiff
across the bridge x 2
drink some more x 2
smoke the spliff x 2
don't do you chore x 2
i'm looking at you x 2
you look back again x 2
golf or tennis x 2
its all the same x 2


thunderstruck x 2
rain on my head x 2
better hurry x 2
back to bed x 2
Track Name: Dumpster Boy
He says he doesn't feel that much like having sex these days
He says that maybe it's because you gained a little weight
He says he's for equality and sexism is wrong
But it's just so unfeminine when girls come on to strong

Oh really?
Throw that boy in the dumpster!

He draws you in, then pulls away, he plays you hot an cold
You say that he's a bad boy but he's got a heart of gold
He says that he was able to get intimate so fast
Because deep down he always knew that it would never last

Oh girl
Throw that boy in the dumpster!

He thinks he's in some movie and it's just a game we play
He dares to say he loves you though you met him yesterday
Now girl you better listen up and dump that stupid boy
You're beautiful and awesome and you're not his fucking toy

Take a stand!
Throw that boy in the dumpster!